Children in the Martial Arts

Ages - For children who are aged 5 and above and have already started Kindergarten, here is a little general information about getting started in the martial arts at Karate International.

Curriculum - We teach an age specific curriculum and also teach by experience level.  We work hard to keep a good ratio of children to instructors.  In most beginner classes we have between 5 and 8 children.  We will always have at least one instructor and most of the time two.  If we go over 10 children we automatically add an extra instructor.  The amount of children in the class varies greatly because we don't make the parents choose a particular class.  They can come to any class labeled beginner.  Your child will be in classes with other children of his or her age and experience level.

Building Character - Most importantly, in our classes we work hard to build their confidence and self esteem while teaching them an art that will give them the body reflex to take care of themselves if the situation every arrives.  Our instructors teach because they love to teach.  They teach because they want to work with your children and bring them along in a program that will give them the confidence to be leaders and the physical skills to defend themselves.  Each class is a great workout for your child and a positive learning environment.

How to get your child started - We have an introductory program for $29.50 that consists of 3 classes and a new uniform that allows your child to try out karate, and gives us the opportunity to evaluate him/her, at the same time.  Similarly, if children already have a uniform, they can take the classes for free just to try us out.  We often tell people that if they think they will continue, the $29.50 is a great price for a new uniform.

Orientation - Basically, your first appointment would be one-on-one with an instructor and your child.  You would of course observe this in the same room as them.  It will take about 30 minutes, and should help your child feel more comfortable about starting karate.  At the same time, we will be evaluating his/her skill level.  Then we would guide him/her right into the group class that would be one hour long.  So, the first time you are here, you would spend about 1.5 hours with us.  After that, you could choose which days of the week are better for you to set up his/her remaining 2 classes in the introductory program.

The regular class times for beginners at this age level are Monday and Thursday at 4:30, Wednesdays at 5:30 and Saturdays at 12:00 noon.  You can select what days work for you and vary them it helps with your schedule.  Most students attend twice per week. 

If you are interested, we'd be happy to talk to you if you'd like to call or, just click the link below to request more information by email.

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We are located in Apex on Perry Road, right between the Rock and Roll High School and the Academy for Performing Arts Dance School.  Please let us know how we can help you get your son/daughter started in Karate.

For more information, you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 919-303-5695.