Jujitsu at Karate International

Sensei Rob Olevsky,6th degree Black Belt in Sanshinkai Jujitsu, is our chief instructor of the Jujitsu program at Karate International schools.  In our Apex location, Mr. Wade Houston is a 4th Degree Black Belt in Sanshinkai Jujitsu. 


Sanshinkai Jujitsu - what makes it unique?

Sanshinkai Jujitsu has many components and strives for balance in its practitioners. A student or practitioner of Sanshinkai Jujitsu will become adept at both throwing and Mat or ground fighting. We use large circle and small circle grappling, throwing, pinning as well as striking an opponent.

Sanshinkai Jujitsu students spend many months integrated with the "Karate" students to learn the stand up game of Jujitsu.  They will learn fast footwork and the stances of karate as well as the striking and blocking techniques. In this way they are not at any disadvantage in standing position, unlike some other Jujitsu styles.  Unlike Judo, where an opponent usually starts with a lapel grip, Jujitsu students or practitioners are usually presented with a punch or kick of some type. In Judo the practitioner usually moves about seeking to "off balance" or setup an opponent in order to throw or sweep them.  In Jujitsu practitioners are more likely to blend with the opponent while blocking or avoiding the attack. This is usually followed up with movements to either gain advantage for control and finally subdue the opponent.

A strong physical component is stressed as well as a balanced center or calmness of self. Being able to see intent, as well as the big picture, is equally important to being a good Sanshinkai Jujitsu practitioner. Those that study under Mr. Olevsky have the unique privilege of someone certified nationally and internationally in four martial arts at 4th degree Black Belt or higher. With this diversity in Karate, Jujitsu, Judo, and Kendo he brings both a true understanding of combat and a clarity of concepts rarely found in one individual.

Who is best suited for Sanshinkai Jujitsu?

Many adults have become interested in Jujitsu as a result of the MMA and UFC matches they have seen on television.  Jujitsu is an art that does teach the martial artist more about “ground game” and grappling.  This is a great art for students who are comfortable with close body contact and anaerobic fitness.  There are great bursts of energy required, followed by times of pinning the opponent in place without much movement.  Our Jujitsu program is not best suited for children who have had no prior martial arts, but is a great add on for children, teens and adults who have reached an advanced level in a stand up art like Karate or TaeKwondo.

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