Green Belts

Children's Classes

Your class times will now change slightly.  You will have the opportunity to attend classes five days out of the week.  Please see the Children Schedule for more information.  

Teen/Adult Classes

Your class times have not changed.  To help you in making a choice whether or not to enter the defensive option, you should check with Mr. Houston about attending the right classes to help in learning Line Drill. Please see the Teen Schedule,or the Adult Schedule for more information.



Choosing an Option - Offenive or Defensive

At Karate International when the student reaches the level of Green Belt, they must choose between the offensive and the defensive option for the combative portion of our program, in their journey from Green Belt to Black Belt.   By definition, the “offensive option” would mean that the student would specialize in sparring with partners.  Also, by definition, the “defensive option” would mean that the student would specialize in practicing self defense with partners. While some students know that they prefer sparring and would like to devote more time to it, still others know that they prefer self defense and would choose to devote more time to it.

All students are guided by their instructor who will take into account their abilities, temperament, and preferences in helping the student make the choice that is best for them. We usually ask that the student try out the self defense line drill class as well as sparring, to decide which option is best for them.  We would like each student to make a selection within a month of reaching Green Belt, so that we may help them in their progress to their next rank of Brown Stripe Belt. Whichever option the student chooses, they will continue to gain competence in the other option. For instance, the offensive student will train primarily in sparring, but will also be required to maintain proficiency in self defense. The defensive student will primarily train in self-defense and line drill but will also learn to spar.

The student will continue to train in the option they have chosen, offensive or defensive, until they reach the rank of 1st degree Black Belt (Shodan). At that time, they are required to become proficient in the other option to be eligible to test for 2nd degree Black Belt (Nidan). For promotion to 3rd degree and higher the requirements are a combination of both offensive and defensive techniques.




Black Belt Club

At Green Belt level there is a new membership upgrade available to you.  Most students find that they need more than 2 classes per week to advance through the belts after Green Belt.  The Black Belt Club Program allows you to have unlimited training priveleges.  Some other benefits of this program include weapons classes and cross training in Judo, Jujitsu and Kendo.   See Mr. or Mrs. Houston for details.



At this level we recommend you purchase a Heavy Weight Uniform.  Please speak with Mr. or Mrs. Houston to find out if you are eligible for the uniform with the Black Pants.



Any more questions?

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